Developing online courses

for small and medium sized enterprises

Development and delivery of series of webinars on market orientation, product development and online promotion. For product businesses that want to target the European market. With EU buyer and expert panels, polls and discussions, video interviews with market players, video impressions of trade fairs, showrooms and retail spaces. Design of lesson plans with learning objectives. Organisation of over 30 webinars, with 20 -100 participants each.

2020 to date: for the Handloom Export Promotion Council of India, Crafts Council NL, MADE51 and the CBI

Online training and coaching
by Irene Vermeulen

"The webinars and videos on sustainability in the market were comprehensive yet easy to understand. They provided us with appropriate directions to reflect and how to move forward as a craft business"
- Shui-Meng Ng, Tai Baan Crafts Laos