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I guide brands in building better ranges. For businesses that want to develop their market by targeting the right kind of customer. For those that want to grasp the opportunities that trends offer, but do not want to follow them foolishly. For businesses that want to make an impact without getting stuck in paperwork. For those that want to work with new suppliers, but do not know where to start sourcing. For brands that want to develop their unique design signature.

Are you an entrepreneur ready for a next step in building your sustainable business? I can guide you in developing ranges and stories with maximum impact, that will captivate your customers and makes your business thrive.

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Having worked in the HOME sector for over 20 years, I know the European market like no other. I have worked as a designer for leading brands such as De Bijenkorf, Fair Trade Original and Wehkamp. I publish and speak about trends in handmade and sustainable design for Elle Decoration NL, Pantone Inc and Heimtextil.

I have worked with and have access to hundreds of manufacturers located in Asia, Africa and Latin America. I work as a creative business coach in Laos, South Africa, Vietnam, Peru, Indonesia and Mongolia among others.

For international development organisations such as CBI (Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs), UNHCR’s MADE51, the Export Promotion Council of India, and Crafts Council NL, I provide training and coaching to social enterprises. I develop practical methodologies and inspiring online courses.

Guess what?! You do not have to be a participant in a long-term programme to have access to the best guidance and content. I am now offering these hands-on online services to a wider network of small and medium-sized businesses.

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I guide brands in developing a strategy that has impact on the entire value chain – from maker to consumer. Together with business owners, I identify opportunities in the market and the unique DNA of their brand. We translate this into a product offer that considers the social and ecological impact in the supply chain.

I focus on market opportunities when identifying unique craft skills and unknown sources. For importers, I find suitable sources for products that stand out and last long. I have extensively worked with social enterprises and fair trade producers. I understand their skills and how to market these effectively.

As a design consultant, I know the importance of choosing materials and production practices. I work with businesses in making the best possible decisions early on in the product development process. We look at material and treatments to create products that are unique in the market and do not harm the planet. Above all, I want to create meaningful products that suit the needs of consumers.

Product businesses need to thrive in order to make a positive contribution to the world. I guide businesses in identifying trends that suit the needs of the sustainability-conscious consumer. While trends can stimulate overproduction and only promote what is fast-moving, trend analysis can be a useful tool, providing insights into what motivates the consumer.

I create range plans that rock. I start with your existing ranges – do they suit your identity and the market. Are there opportunities to improve the impact and performance of these products? Then we focus on new product development, in which I align sustainability values, trends in the market and the design signature of the brand.

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My name is Irene Vermeulen and my business is Craftscurator. I am based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands but work globally.

I work with a flexible team of product designers, business and sustainability experts, trainers, coaches and content creators.

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Do you want to grasp the opportunities that trends offer, but do not want to follow them foolishly?

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You want to make an impact without getting stuck in paperwork?

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"Irene is able to quickly identify what the different styles and identities of manufacturers are. She understands it takes time for these businesses to evolve and to develop design confidence. She gives them courage to do design by themselves"
- Mark Kwami, MADE51 – UNHCR

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