Consumer needs

Get hands-on with trends

You may successfully sell your products, but do you know what motivates your end consumer? You keep a finger on the pulse of the market, but what signs should you be looking out for when it comes to your business? What trends should you work with for your brand?

Help is a Zoom session away
In a one-to-one coaching session, we will discuss what drives your consumer. I will highlight the most important consumer trends for the home sector in the European market, and we will discuss and select one consumer trend to best work with for your brand.

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You will

  • Understand three main drivers for consumers
  • Know where to find trend information
  • Select one consumer need for your brand
  • Make a plan of how to apply consumer trends

Your session will consist of

  • An introduction sheet (to be filled out by you before the meeting)
  • A 50-minute Zoom meeting with me, Irene Vermeulen
  • Handout on consumer needs
  • A checklist on how to spot and pick trends

Your investment is € 149 excl VAT

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Understanding what drives your consumer
To make plans for your business

Craftscurator Coaching Session

'Consumer Needs'

  • A 50 minute Zoom meeting with Irene
  • A handout on consumer trends
  • A checklist


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“Much more than just products and colour; this presentation made us think about the stories behind our brand”
Yasmina Chahbar, Zenza Netherlands