Aug 11, 2022

New takes on traditional patterns by TAEC

Home Textiles from Laos

The Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre sells handmade pieces of heritage directly from the hands of village artisans from Laos. TAEC keeps traditional craft techniques alive and provides international buyers access to buying from remote ethnic groups. They have developed a collection consisting of home textiles from the Tai Lue community, as well as from a group in Southern Laos, called Nge. TAEC carefully selected the best local cotton and the most subtle shades in natural dyes for these ranges. The patterns they have selected range from a very traditional village scene to pared down ethnic and geometrical patterns, which can all be used together in a contemporary interior.

The exporter
In Laos, textiles represent community, belonging, and identity. TAEC believes that by elevating artisanal crafts, investing in knowledge and skills passed down from generation to generation, traditional techniques can be kept alive and thriving. They are a women-owned social enterprise, founded in 2007 to promote Laos’ ethnic minority cultures and rural livelihoods based on traditional skills.

Trade offer
TAEC has close ties with the producer groups they work with and can handle small batch production for international buyers. They have some export experience and are able to guide co-creation with artisans in Laos. TAEC has reasonable minimum order quantities and order value, and they ship by air.

Tai Lue producer group
The new collection includes textiles made by artisans of the Tai Lue community living in northern Laos. Using hand-treated cotton sourced from local fields, the home-based production takes place on wooden looms. The Tai Lue are also known for creating natural dyes from local sources.

Nge producer group
The Nge are a small, lesser-known ethnic group living predominantly in remote southern Laos. Women in the community are known for their weaving on foot-braced backstrap looms, using cotton thread naturally dyed from tree bark, fruit, and plants grown sustainably around the village.

The Centre for the promotion of Imports from Developing Counties, is running an export development programme in Laos. Irene is leading the Home Textiles programme on behalf of CBI and is coaching 11 small and medium sized entreprises in export marketing. They are guided in building their capacity, improving quality and product design and communication. Everything that makes their business model truly ready for working with international buyers.

If you are a wholesale importer or retail buyer interested to meet at the show or learn more about textiles and producers from Laos, contact Irene

Traditional stripe
Woven on a backstop loom
Naturally dyed cotton cushion cover
with Naga (water serpent) pattern
Earthy shades in natural dyes
with handwoven pattern
Detail of the handwoven Naga pattern
Made by Tai Lee artisans
Village scene from the Nge
Handwoven table runner
Four panel contempo cushion cover
Made by village artisans
Handwoven pin stripe
Local materials and dyes