Dec 13, 2023

A treasure trove of craft

from fair trade producers to the EU market

Working with over 100 producer groups, Sasha India is a fair trade enterprise with access to stunning craft techniques. Their new product ranges include hand thrown stoneware, block printed cushions and hand painted scarves. We have worked with Sasha to create these sophisticated product ranges in earthy and spicy colours. Their new collection for European buyers is launching in January 2024. Make sure to meet us at one of the trade shows!

The Collection
Sasha’s design team picked the best materials and craft techniques to create home and fashion accessories. They developed stoneware candle holders using local clay, that can be used with candles that are coloured with natural dye. The collection of home textiles includes skilled hand dye effects such as shibori and brushing, as well as block and screen-printing techniques. Plenty of handwoven, hand painted and hand embroidered textiles are included in the wide range of cushion covers and scarves.

As a pioneer in fair trade, Sasha’s business model is built on the principles of worker equity, financial transparency, social justice, and environmental protection. As a Guarantee Member of the WFTO, fair trade practices are integrated into all levels of their production, operations and management. Sasha’s network includes nearly 100 artisan groups, provides an income to 5000 artisans and offers the finest of both traditional and contemporary Indian production techniques and locally sourced materials.

Sasha is an experienced exporter and works with importers worldwide. Buyers can order the new collection or adapt products to their needs. You can also pick from Sasha’s treasure trove of craft techniques and co-create your exclusive custom-made collections with the design team.


Get in touch!
To receive Sasha's catalogue and price list for HOME and scarves, send an e-mail. If you are based in NL, we can meet to show you the fabulous products in real life.

Decorative flowers for the Home
made of local natural fibers from India
Hand thrown stoneware
range of candle holders
Block printing
on a cotton base
Hand carved stoneware and wood
accessories for the home
Handdyed shibori
for home textiles and fashion accessories
Handpainted scarves
by skilled artisans
Handwoven bamboo
for basketry
Natural fiber baskets
handwoven in rural India
Handwoven cushion covers
made by fair trade producers