Developing methodology

Sustainable Design

Developing Sustainable Design methodology and training material for the CBI’s corporate social responsibility strategy. Tailor-made for manufacturers and exporters in developing countries. Sustainable Design addresses both people and planet values but puts profit centre stage by making improvements in social and environmental practices in the production process that are market-oriented. Created in collaboration with the CBI expert Kees Bronk and the industrial design faculty of Technical University Delft. In 2020, an update followed to integrate the methodology in the export marketing curriculum, and training materials were developed for online training and coaching.

2012 and 2020: for the CBI


"Irene’s coaching in Sustainable Design helped me to focus. I cannot do everything, so I made a choice what would work best for my market"
- Tookta, Her Works Laos

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Training on Sustainable Design
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Training on Sustainable Design
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