Targeting your market

Finding new buyers

Are you struggling to find buyers, even though you have attractive product ranges? Would you like to expand your market, even though you already have some buyers? Would you like to find consumers who fit better with your brand?

Help is a Zoom session away
In a one-to-one coaching session, we will discuss and identify your product ranges and existing buyers / channels. I will highlight the most important target markets for the home sector in the European market, and we will discuss and select one new buyer type to research and target.

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You will

  • Understand channels and segments in the market
  • Know where to find market information
  • Describe the best fit buyer for your brand
  • Plan how to target your best fit buyer

Your session will consist of

  • An introduction sheet (to be filled out by you before the meeting)
  • A 50-minute Zoom meeting with me, Irene Vermeulen
  • A handout on target markets
  • A checklist on how to grow your target buyer list

Your investment is € 149 excl VAT

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Finding new buyers
from fuss to focus

Craftscurator Coaching Session 'Targeting your Market'

  • A 50 minute Zoom meeting with Irene
  • A handout on target markets
  • A checklist 


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"I have learnt so much from Irene in the years she coached me on the CBI export programme. She remains one of my ‘go to’ people for advise on topics such as access to international markets and trade fair participation"
- Donna Allin, African Jacquard South Africa