Sustainable design

A sustainability plan for your business

You run a sustainable business, but do you have a market? You have a great offer for the market, but are you sustainable? What does your customer expect from you?

Help is a Zoom session away
In a one-to-one coaching session, we will identify your points of differentiation when it comes to sustainability for your brand. I will highlight the most important examples of sustainable design in the home sector in the European market.

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You will

  • Understand sustainability in the market
  • Identify sustainability in your business
  • Decide on a sustainable design approach for your brand
  • Plan how to develop your brand and products

Your session will consist of

  • An introduction sheet (to be filled out by you before the meeting)
  • A 50-minute Zoom meeting with me, Irene Vermeulen
  • A handout with examples of sustainable design
  • A checklist on how to develop your sustainable design plan

Your investment is € 149 excl VAT

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Making a practical sustainability plan
for your business

Craftscurator Coaching Session

'Sustainable Design'

  • A 50 minute Zoom meeting with Irene
  • A handout on sustainability in the market
  • A checklist


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"The webinars and videos on sustainability in the market were comprehensive yet easy to understand. They provided us with appropriate directions to reflect and how to move forward as a craft business"
- Shui-Meng Ng, Tai Baan Crafts Laos