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Being seen

You’re a master of your materials and techniques. You develop new products and ranges regularly. But is your offer as clear and unique as it could be? And how do you want your target buyer and consumer to see you?

Help is a Zoom session away
In a one-to-one coaching session, we will identify the key elements of your design signature, and I will highlight your most important unique selling points for the home sector in the European market. We will discuss and select one product range to develop using your design signature.

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You will

  • Understand unique selling points
  • Identify the design signature for your brand
  • Decide how to develop your brand and products
  • Plan what product range to develop first

Your session will consist of

  • Introduction sheet (to be filled out by you before the meeting)
  • 50-minute Zoom meeting with me, Irene Vermeulen
  • Handout on unique selling points
  • Checklist on how to develop your design signature

Your investment is € 149 excl VAT

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A clear product offer
based on the values of your business

Craftscurator Coaching Session

'Design Signature'

  • A 50 minute Zoom meeting with Irene
  • A handout on unique selling points
  • A checklist


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"Irene is able to quickly identify what the different styles and identities of manufacturers are. She understands it takes time for these businesses to evolve and to develop design confidence. She gives them courage to do design by themselves"
- Mark Kwami, MADE51 – UNHCR

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