Business boost

Kick-start or kick-ass?

Are you an entrepreneur in the handmade sector? Just starting out or have you kept your business running for years? Could you use positive input to get things off the ground or straightforward feedback on the next steps?

Help is a Zoom session away
In a one-to-one coaching session, we will discuss your most pressing needs. Stuck in sourcing? Prepping for a trade fair? Social media content writers block? Need to decide on a trading platform? Tunnel vision in product development? Ask me anything; send me your questions in advance and I will prepare top tips and practical advice.

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You will

  • Understand your own questions and needs better
  • Identify the things you do well, and the tasks that need attention
  • Decide what to focus on
  • Make a plan for next steps

Your session will consist of

  • An introduction sheet (to be filled out by you before the meeting)
  • A 50-minute Zoom meeting with me, Irene Vermeulen
  • A recording of the meeting
  • A short report with practical tips and next steps

Your investment is € 149 excl VAT

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Get clarity and advise
On a topic of your choice

Craftscurator Coaching Session

'Business Boost'

  • A 50 minute Zoom meeting with Irene
  • Top tips and practical advice
  • A report of the meeting


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"Irene helped me understand the strength of my business. She showed me the direction to be different in the market. The effect of this coaching will be long lasting."
- Tookta, Her Works Laos

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