Coaching Programme

A year of one-to-one guidance

You are an entrepreneur in the handmade sector. You have been in the market for years and know what you are capable of. But what’s the best step to take next? How to find your way into a niche market? How to target a new type of customer? How to develop new ranges to coexist with the ones you already have? How to set up a long-lasting collaboration with your buyer, or vice versa, your supplier? How to decide on what trade fair or platform to participate in? How to move from on-trend to a slower pace?

Get clarity and build confidence in a year-long journey
I can help you analyse not only the market, but also your own business. Together, we will define the best opportunities and the best way for you to navigate as a business owner or team. We will make a practical plan with clearly defined goals, whether it’s launching a new range, expanding your existing market, or re-designing your brand and stories.

Whatever the action plan, I will work with you to achieve it in a hands-on and positive way.

Custom-made programme
After an intake meeting, you will create a programme with Irene in which all your needs will be addressed, and clear objectives will be formulated.

You will receive one-to-one guidance spread out over 12 months. This includes;

  • Ten individual coaching sessions of 75 minutes with Irene, online
  •  A report with practical recommendations after each session
  • Worksheets and assignments to put into practice immediately
  • A reply to any questions you might have by e-mail every week


  • Clarity on steps towards your goal
  • Improved position in the market
  • Focus in targeting new customers or suppliers
  • Better performance of your ranges

Among other things we can work on;

  • Segment and channel identification
  • Market and trend research
  • Review of ranges and results
  • Planning for hybrid promotion
  • Practical export plan

Book a free 20-minute Zoom call with Irene to learn more and discuss your specific needs.

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One-to-one coaching
For entrepreneurs wanting to take a next step

Craftscurator Coaching Programme

'A year of one-to-one guidance'

  • Ten 75 minute coaching sessions online with Irene
  • Reports, worksheets and assignments
  • Weekly Q&A by email


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"The 5-year CBI program that WREN participated in resulted in the company growing 1050% (One thousand and fifty percent). Irene played an important role in guiding the product development and company positioning within an international market. WREN continues to sell successfully into these markets"
Wendren Setzer, The Wren Design, South Africa

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