Dec 20, 2022

Handmade Textiles from Laos

Pop-up exhibition at Maison & Objet

Four textile manufacturers from Laos will take part in the pop-up exhibition at Maison & Objet in January 2023, after a successful participation in September 2022. Check out the beautifully embellished textiles of Her Works, the bold handwoven patterns of Ock Pop Tok, and the raw and textured fabrics of Tai Baan Crafts. Nikone Handcraft will participate for the first time, launching their new range of handwoven products with local cotton and a natural fiber called pied.

All four companies from Laos are ready for exporting to the European market. They all have attractive product ranges that meet EU standards and have reasonable price points. They offer suitable shipping options for either importers or smaller retailers. They can customize products and are able to offer small batch production to buyers.

Her Works specializes in handmade and embellished textiles. They work with various ethnic groups across Laos, making use of the beautiful craftsmanship available. Their collection of home textiles includes fabrics made on a backstrap loom, as well as naturally dyed hand embroidered cushion covers with fringes, pompoms and binding.

Natural dyes
Tai Baan Crafts is known for their beautifully textured and naturally dyed fabrics. They make scarves and wraps as well as throws with a stunning hand stitched detail. With their cotton fabrics, they make patchwork cushion covers, too, in lovely shades. Tai Baan works with producer groups in remote areas and is a provisional member of the World Fair Trade Organization.

Social enterprise
Ock Pop Tok offers a world of interesting weaving techniques; from intricate supplementary weaving for wall hangings to sturdy rugs made using the tapestry technique. From bold ikat patterns in deep dark indigo to striped cotton throws in naturally dyed soft shades. They are a social enterprise and have their own Living Crafts Center where most of the weaving takes place.

New exhibitor, new fiber
Nikone Handcraft is launching a product range made of local and renewable material. They mix locally grown cotton with an undyed jungle vine that is unique to Laos, which creates a beautiful textured effect. In their small workshop in the capital of Laos, Vientiane, they have over 20 skilled weavers making the intricate patterns by hand. Nikone enlarged a traditional pattern, giving it a contemporary look and feel.

Talking textiles
TAEC, the Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre, is also an exporter from Laos. Their collection consists of home textiles from the Tai Lue community, as well as from a group in Southern Laos, called Nge. TAEC carefully selected the best local cotton and the most subtle shades in natural dyes for these ranges. Their collection can be explored on M&O’s MOM platform.

Come and explore
All product ranges by the 4 companies from Laos can be found on M&O's MOM platform. A selection of products will be showcased in the CBI pop-up exhibition at Maison & Objet, which will be hosted by Craftscurator and colleagues. The sales and marketing teams of the companies will be available for enquiries (by e-mail, whatsapp or zoom) now, during and after M&O, and they are looking forward to meeting buyers in person in September 2023.

CBI Export Coaching programmes
In 2019, CBI launched new export coaching programmes in 5 countries, in which over 80 small and medium sized businesses are participating. These aspiring exporters from Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Indonesia are all preparing for targeting the European home decoration and home textiles market. Craftscurator is the coach for 11 companies from Laos, all specializing in textiles.


Will I see you in Paris?
The CBI pop-up exhibition can be found in Hall 5A Unique & Eclectic stand R95 at Maison & Objet in Parc des Expositions in Paris France from January 19-23, 2023. New collections of exporters from Cambodia, Bangladesh and Indonesia can also be found in the booth. Come and say hi and experience these handmade goods.

If you are a wholesale importer or retail buyer interested to meet at the show, or learn more about textiles and producers from Laos, contact Irene

Popping up again in Paris
Popping up again in Paris
Bold ikats
by Ock Pop Tok
Cotton and jungle vine mix
by Nikone Handcraft
Handwoven patterns from Laos
by Nikone Handcraft
Pompoms and embroidery
from Her Works
Bold handwoven textiles
by Ock Pop Tok
Back strap loom textiles
from Her Works
Masters of texture
Tai Baan Crafts
Masters of natural dye colours
Tai Baan Crafts
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Linking Maker & Market
Backstrap loom textiles
Traditional patterns