Mar 7, 2017

Connecting importers and exporters

At 2 leading trade shows

New products by 27 exporters from 10 countries attracted the attention of many importers and retailers. It was showcased in the pop-up exhibition ‘Linking Maker & Market’ at Heimtextil and Ambiente 2017.

Craftscurator has been hosting the Ambiente booth for 5 days, and was happy to meet so many buyers interested in sourcing craft and design products from developing countries. Buyers could immediately get information on prices, minimum quantities and production options. Most of the exporters were also exhibiting at the trade fair, allowing buyers to connect to the maker right away.

The road to the exhibition actually started about 9 months before the shows, when Craftscurator started to explore the product offer of the approximate 100 companies participating in Export Coaching Programmes by CBI. By working closely together with the exporters and their coaches, a first selection was made of interesting product ideas, materials and techniques. Each product should reflect the very best the maker has to offer. A long process of designing, developing and discussing products followed. For Craftscurator, it is a joy to see a vision come together in physical form.

To be able to share this vision with buyers, professional photos were made and communication materials developed. The selection of small furniture, basketry, tableware, home textiles, lamps, rugs and bags was displayed on a series of mobile units, specially developed for this pop-up exhibition. All units and promotional materials were branded with the ‘Linking Maker & Market’ identity, which is also applied to the website. Profiles of all companies can be found on the website, and with 1 click a buyer is able to contact the exporter of their choice directly.


"Linking Maker & Market made the offer CBI has more tangible, more exciting, more effective for the buyers. The potential of suppliers was highlighted with just a few products. It really made a visual impact"
- Mark Kwami, MADE51, UNHCR

More about creative direction
Linking Maker & Market
Pop-up exhibition concept
'Mobile Vendors' concept
With flexible units for displaying product
Colorful pressed glass
by Walid Onsy of Glass Style
Melange in 4 African ranges
baskets, lamps, textiles and a side table
Woven tea towels
by Mungo from South Africa
Touch of retro in craft
cashmere, bamboo and shell happy together
Bark cloth cushion covers
by Easy Afric from Uganda
True blue handwork
for bags and home textiles
Recycled denim, rafia and raw silk
by Art Land from Madagascar