Jan 22, 2014

Sustainable Design Product Ranges

Launch at Ambiente 2014

9 export companies from Vietnam show they have successfully matched 'green' market opportunities to sustainability practices in their own company. You are invited to come and explore their new collections at Ambiente trade fair February 7-11 in the foyer in front of hall 10.1.

Each home decoration or home textiles manufacturer has focused on a unique set of sustainability aspects. They have made their choice from 12 different social and ecological sustainability dimensions. Each exporter has completed 2 workshops on Sustainable Design, and has collaborated with a designer and a sustainability expert in developing a new product range.

Come and explore these product ranges;

  • Renewable bamboo lamps by Duc Phong, showing a double-weave effect. The bamboo is grown, harvested and crafted in one location, providing work and income for the local community.
  • Recycled paper decorative accessories by Blue Dragon Craft, made using less material and glue than before. The hangers, garlands and mobiles can be flat-packed for transport and storage.
  • Knock-down lacquerware furniture by Bao Dang reduces transport volume by 70%, and uses a combination of natural, renewable acacia wood and lacquered wood.
  • Hand embroidered organic bed linen by VinaLinen, made using traditional techniques by women in rural areas in Northern Vietnam, providing an additional income for their farmer families.
  • Traditionally glazed ceramics by Dong Gia, made of local material by hand using ancient techniques. Each of the 9 storage pots reflects a different symbol and meaning.
  • Renewable rubberwood kitchenware by Duc Thanh Wood, made in a very efficient way and cleverly designed to avoid wasting material.
  • Palm leaf and recycled paper baskets by Mai Handicrafts, and a range of honeycomb recycled paper lamps, made by fair trade certified producers.
  • Gradient lacquerware vases by Lacquerworld, showing both the natural beauty of the renewable bamboo material as well as the lacquerware technique.
  • Biodegradable kitchen cloths by VAG, that have the unique ability to clean without detergents, in a range of funky colors.

Sustainable Design is a joint project by CBI, Vietcraft and SPIN. Craftscurator has coordinated this project and is hosting the booth at Ambiente Frankfurt in the foyer in front of hall 10.1.

Export companies from developing countries, supported by CBI, can also be found in hall 10.1 stand C51 and C71.

Recycled paper flat-packed honeycomb lamp
by Mai Handicrafts, Vietnam
Recycled paper decorative hanger
by Blue Dragon Craft, Vietnam
Layered bamboo lamp
by Duc Phong, Vietnam
Bamboo vase in gradient color
by Lacquerworld, Vietnam
Biodegradable kitchen cloths
by VAG International, Vietnam
Hand embroidered bed linen
by VinaLinen, Vietnam
Palm leaf and recycled paper
by Mai Handicrafts, Vietnam
Lantern in recycled paper
by Mai Handicrafts, Vietnam
Renewable bamboo lamp
by Duc Phong, Vietnam
Natural bamboo vase with gradient lacquer finish
by Lacquerworld, Vietnam
Renewable rubberwood cutting board
by Duc Thanh Wood, Vietnam
Recycled magazine paper decorative mobile
by Blue Dragon Craft, Vietnam
Traditionally glazed ceramic storage pots
by Dong Gia, Vietnam
Natural acacia wood and lacquerware knock-down stool
by Bao Dang, Vietnam