Mar 22, 2012

Inventive Crafts

From South Africa

Designers from South Africa prove handmade can be inventive and contemporary, by creating clever and quirky products that make a statement. No shortage of ambition and ideas either, the Design Indaba conference is leading and in 2014 Capetown will be design capital of the world.

Make a Statement
Capetown creative Porky Hefer built a modern-day landmark out of 3200 Coca Cola crates for the Worldcup in 2010. The quirky monument called Cratefan sits at the Waterfront, smiling at or perhaps mocking the hundreds of tourists walking past. Porky is known for his statement designs; his wooden lamp Lite resembles a giant light bulb. Further investigation shows only led lights can be placed inside the sustainable wooden shape. Dutch importer From Africa With Love is bringing Porky's products, and other contemporary design to the market. No wonder the designs are well received in the Netherlands; just like Dutch design, these products are clever and reflect a touch of humor.

Make a Change
While the technique and origin of Zenzulu's products are rooted in South African culture, the designs are fresh and modern. Using wire techniques and clever use of colour, designer Marisa Fick-Jordaan makes statement pieces. Craftscurator is happy to see crafts are now being appreciated by design enthousiasts and find their way to a higher segment in the European market.

Read more on South African expressive products and sensitive style, and on Design Indaba conference. Or read the article Craftscurator wrote for Stylink in Dutch.

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Zenzulu Wire Baskets
At the Design Indaba expo
Contemporary Crafts
From Zenzulu
Sophisticated Design
From Zenzulu
Statement Piece
By Porky Hefer
Giant Light Bulb
By Porky Hefer