Mar 22, 2012

Sensitive Style

From South Africa

Using Africa's rich source of natural materials and techniques, a new generation of designers is creating contemporary crafts, that leaves the tourist stuff far behind. Craftscurator explored the Design Indaba expo and found many delicate products and precious materials fitting in the sensitive style.

Material Touch
Ronel Jordaan has been turning wool into felt by hand for years; her signature pebble poufs are sold around the world. By constantly experimenting with the material, new shapes and products are created. She now even sells felt rocks that can be used outdoor. South African brand Serpentine used the traditional beadwork from the country in a very new way, by creating large classic style vases with it. Design studio I love Trees proves they really do love trees by selling coat hooks made of branches. The raw wood material comes from a sustainable source.

Touch of Technique
The New Basket Workshop works with weavers in Ismangaliso park, creating new types of products using traditional techniques. A range of side tables, poufs and large decorative baskets were on show at the Design Indaba expo. Capetown ceramics designer Clementina van der Walt also puts a handmade touch to her products, by experimenting with glazing techniques. Matt, shiny, carved or smoothly shaped, her products are all unique pieces, that look great when displayed together. In her shop in Woodstock, a whole wall is covered in small vases.

Read more on South African expressive products and inventive crafts, and on Design Indaba conference. Or read the article Craftscurator wrote for Stylink in Dutch.

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Felt Pebbles
By Ronel Jordaan
Drum Shaped Table
By The New Basket Workshop
Felt Experiments
By Ronel Jordaan
Of The New Basket Workshop
Collection of Ceramics
By Clementina van der Walt
Felt Carpet
By Ronel Jordaan
Beaded Vases
By Serpentine
Branch Hooks
By I Love Trees