Trend articles & colour cards

for Pantone Inc

Creation of over 25 trend articles for PantoneView.com, an online trend watching platform born out of a collaboration between the Pantone Color Institute and Textile View Magazine. The PantoneView on-line resource provides critical colour intelligence so the industry can make more informed colour selection choices.

2013 to 2015: for PantoneView

Forecast Sustainable Home Textiles 2016
Better Materials, Nettle Fiber
by Nina Gautier
Better Materials, Animal Fibers
by Studio Pluis
Better Treatments, Flowers on Fabric
by Marcin Rusak
Better Materials, Flower Pigments
by Tjeerd Veenhoven
Better Manufacturing, Craft Technqiues
by Nanimarquina
Better Experience, 3DIY
by Rudi Boiten
Better Experience, Custom Made
by Rudi Boiten
Better Manufacturing, Local Production
The London Cloth Company
Better Experience, DIY
by Stefan Auberg
Better Materials, Sea Algae Yarn
by Nienke Hoogvliet
Better Treatments, Printing with Algae Ink
by Blond & Bieber