Celebrating 6 years of handmade design

With a re-vamped website

Mar 14, 2017 by Irene Vermeulen

I am so excited to launch my re-newed website! Can’t wait to show you all the new features and content. One thing has not changed: my love for handmade design and the drive to share that love.

‘Find your niche’ is what I had been telling brand owners for years, and in 2011 I realised it was time for my own business to put my words into practice. Handmade design had been my expertise since 2001, when I made my first trip to craft producers in Guatemala. I knew all about how products were made, shipped, marketed and sold. So why not share the love for handmade design with you - my network of makers, buyers, designers and friends?

6 years of Craftscurator have been an amazing ride. Working for you, the coolest brands and retailers in Europe, on trend reports and range strategies. Coaching you, exporters in Indonesia, Peru, South Africa, Vietnam and Mongolia to create new range plans for the European market. Working with you, bright minds, to develop a new methodology for exporters to create sustainable products. Writing for your audience, leading magazines and online platforms. Bouncing ideas off you, number-crunching researchers, to make sense of market developments. Briefing you, clever designers, to come up with the very best ideas for our clients. Collaborating with you, event organizers, in creating concepts to promote craft and design products.

But what I like best: connecting you all to enable you to make meaningful impact in the market.

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Coaching exporters
In Indonesia
Giving trend presentations
to importers and retailers
Trend watching
in Milan
Guiding workshops
in Peru
Curating and hosting booths
at trade shows around the world