Apr 22, 2013

Elegant Crafts

At Salone Milan

Craftscurator is happy to see a comeback of the refined, the decorated in design. The fascination of designers with everything handmade has resulted in new and exciting use of embroidery, engraving and weaving. Plenty of elegant crafts were to be found at the Salone in Milan, from all corners of the globe.

Bokja, known for their colourful and ethnic upholstered furniture, created an elegant loveseat using new and recycled textiles. The feshly re-opened Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam worked with Droog Design and Studio Job to make a range of products based on artefacts found in the collection of the museum and portrayed in paintings. They used modern techniques to re-design heirloom pieces. Japan Handmade collaborated with Stellar Works and made kimono fabrics made of silk, rice paper and silver leaf. Designer Max Lamb worked with Austrian glass manufacturer Lobmeyer to create a range of delicately engraved glass. Wallpaper presented their Handmade 2013 collection in Milan, bringing several marble products to the market. A remarkable amount of marble products could be found in Milan, the timeless, natural and elegant nature of the material fits right in this year's trends. Bethan Gray made a range of tabletop items. Gallery Plus Design showed a series of delicately decorated ceramics.


Loveseat with a Mix of New and Recycled Textiles
by Bokja
Pattern Consists of 4 Layers of Glass Plates
by Studio Job and Droog Design for Rijksmuseum
Kimono Fabric
by Japan Handmade
Engraved Glass
by Max Lamb and Lobmeyer
Celebrating Design and Craftsmanship
Wallpaper Handmade 2013 in Milan
Marble Marble Marble in Milan!
by Bethan Gray for Wallpaper Handmade
Ceramic Pillow
seen at PlusDesign Gallery
Kimono Fabric
by Japan Handmade and Stellar Works