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Jan 11, 2012 by Irene Vermeulen

Early December, a design workshop for Indonesian crafts businesses took place in Bali. On behalf of Dutch CBI and BEDO from Indonesia, Craftscurator trained the participants to prepare for exporting to the home decoration market.

Working with a team of local coaches and international experts, trend presentations and design directions were given. In a workshop setting, each company was challenged to create their own mood board and visualize their unique identity and product ideas.

Craftscurator asked Elisabeth Nathalia, one of the Indonesian coaches and creative director for this project, to look back on the workshop.

During the workshop we studied consumer trends. What did the participants learn?
The workshop has been an eye opener for us to understand the lifestyle from the consumer end. So far what we did is just produce things that the buyer asked. We did not know what is going on out there, what the reasons for a consumer are for buying a product.

Which consumer style do you think is an opportunity for Indonesian crafts businesses?
I think the Sensitive Style fits most exporters best, and a little bit the Expressive Style. That is where Indonesia can use and also expose it's strength; in craftsmanship, raw materials, and beautiful techniques.

How did the companies experience making their own mood board?
The workshop has shown us that each of the companies can create their ownmood board in 30 minutes, even without having a design background! When we had more understanding about consumer trends, we knew what to do in terms of products and materials. After that it was a matter of focus and trying to visualize our own identity and ranges.

We have visited each company and made a range plan with them. How are they doing now, developing products?
Some companies start the development by playing around with swatches; they are exploring the material and techniques. Others start with sketches, designing shapes and patterns. And some craftsmen start to develop products right away. They all are eager to present their best product offer to the buyer, and want to make something that the consumer would love to have in their house.

Where an when can we see the results of the new collections?
The new ranges will be shown on the Lifestyle Vietnam Trade Fair in Ho Chi Minh City April 18-21, 2012. You are very welcome to visit our booth! Contact BEDO to receive a personal invitation.

Mood Board Making
Irene giving feedback
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Elisabeth at work
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Exporter talking design with Elisabeth and Irene