Oct 18, 2020


Co-creation and matchmaking

Having worked in the handmade design sector since 2001, Craftscurator has built of vast network of both exporters and importers.

Contacts include;

  • Craft producers, workshops, small and medium sized factories;
  • Exporters working with fair trade principles and/or World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) accreditation;
  • Manufacturers applying sustainable principles and/or certifications;
  • Small and Medium sized Entrepreneurs (SME's) in developing and emerging markets in Asia, Latin America and Africa

  • European brand owners, retailers and importers
  • Buyers, Product and Category Managers
  • Designers and stylists, both independent as well as working for brands
  • Agents, distributors and PR professionals

Craftscurator provides access to the European market for exporters, and sources producers worldwide for European importers. Craftsconnector makes meaningful connections between exporters and importers.

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Worldwide network
Of craft producers, suppliers and exporters