Trend Guide 2013

A Preview!

Oct 19, 2011 by Irene Vermeulen

Take a peek inside the Trend Guide! We are now sharing a 9 page preview, showing one consumer attitude - Collector - and how translates into products, techniques and colours. For businesses in home decoration and home textiles, this guide is your tool to develop new products and concepts for your brand. It offers valuable insights, inspiring stories and practical directions for design.

Sharpen your offer by understanding consumer needs in a changing market. Valuable insights and best brand practices are given for you to define your place in the market.

Create new concepts and products for your brand by using the practical design directions. Information on material, techniques, pattern and colour is given. All focusing on handmade.

Attract dedicated consumers by recognizing different style groups in the market. Product trends in home accessories, tabletop, home textiles and bed, bath and well being are visualized by style group.

Outsmart your competitors by finding new product sources. Maker stories reveal new techniques and ways to create and collaborate with suppliers.

Get inspired by the images and insights handpicked by Irene. The 57 page Trend Guide contains over 500 images and hundreds of website links.

The guide is a practical tool for you, buyer, product manager or designer, working for European importers or global exporters. Guidelines are given how to make the guide work for your business.

Go ahead and get the Craftscurator Trend Guide 2013 now to develop your business!

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Trend Guide 2013
Tool to develop your business
57 pages
Design Directions
3 colour cards
Maker Stories
On global sources
Trend Guide
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Design Directions