Dec 14, 2014

Lidewij Edelkoort on Trends for Summer 2016

Vanities – From Abstinence to Opulence

A year ago Dutch dictonary publisher Van Dale chose the word 'selfie' as word of the year. For Lidewij Edelkoort reason to base her insights on the new season ahead on 'selfie culture'. Not just taking your own picture is immensely popular, we also see ourselves constantly on screens, in mirrors and on profiles. In a sense, we are 'framing' ourselves. Does this lead to increased individualisation, or are we becomes caricatures of ourselves?

Lidewij Edelkoort researched historical archetypes in fashion, and painted us a picture for summer 2016. She shows us mythological personas; nymphs, mermaids and courtesans. Craftscurator picked 3 of these archetypes that are relevant for identifying trends in the interior, and found these fit into her style-group classification of Inventive, Sensitive and Expressive.

Inventive - Ascetic
Speaking of 'word of the year', for 2014 normcore and onesie are nominated. This underlines that anti-fashion is an important movement among consumers. In a way, we are fashion-fasting; abstaining from indulging in shopping. We are experimenting with buying less, and look for items that reflect simplicity and quality. The mono-product is gaining momentum: several brands chose to only make one type of product. A white shirt, for example. For this product, they are exploring the best shape and fitting, the best materials, and inventive finishing.

We also see this rigid look in interior design. Simplicity and geometry are important. At Dutch Design Week we have seen a lot of screens, layers and frameworks. Smooth surfaces with perforated, cut and lasered patterns. This layered and optical effect will be very important for the next seasons ahead. We find it in lamps, screens and mirrors.

Sensitive – Hero
This theme is all about tactility. To illustrate this, Lidewij refers to her former trend presentation Embryonic, which stands for 'potential for future development'. Here, products often are a symbol of care, comfort, or an embrace. This explains the large amount of cushions, mattresses and blankets we see in the interior. The bedroom actually is the last room of the house that has not come out of the closet yet: all other rooms have been transformed radically in the sense that consumers are using them in different ways than before. Our bedroom behaviour has also changed a lot: we spend so much more time in this room than the 8 hours we sleep. We want to surround ourselves with soft, luxurious materials. There is also much attention to well-being and health here.

Coming back to the archetypes: Hero stands for the influence of active wear in fashion. This is a very new development. We see hi tech and responsive materials in fashion, but old-fashioned gym clothes are also a source of inspiration. Think of sturdy jerseys and coated canvas. In the interior, there is also a need for comfortable materials. Hardware also refers to gym class: leather, natural wood and rope. Lots of attention to utility: hooks, shelves and racks. Here, mirrors are also important.

Expressive - Legend
In the audio presentation, Opulence by Brooke Candy is played, a spot-on choice of Lidewij. Opulence is the right word: richness and luxuriousness. We are fascinated by wealth, but also mock it and question it. Regardless of this, gold and metal shine remain important, copper will still be influencial in 2016. Textiles and hardware surfaces have a metallic and hammered look. Faceting, an important trend in architecture and interior design for several seasons already, is now influencing fashion. An example of how interior design is now often at the forefront of new developments.

Liz Taylor, and soon Angelina Jolie, in Cleopatra will be icons, and many style aspects of those films will influence fashion and interior. Classic style is making a come back, with the use of precious materials such as stone, marble and metal. Rich techniques such as wood inlay and hand painted decoration remain important. Panels and ornaments are back. Pattern and decoration often are at the edges of a panel, becoming a framework. Obviously, also here vanities are reflected in the many mirrors, and that brings us back to the fact that we are framing ourselves.

Note for you
These three themes provide inspiration for developing new ideas for seasons ahead. They also blend in perfectly in the December spirit: we hope the contemplative aspects of Inventive will bring you peaceful reflection, while the warmth and tactility of Sensitive will bring you a sense of togetherness with loves ones and the rich and festive spirit of Expressive will bring you sparkle and laughter. Craftscurator wishes you a beautiful 2015!

Agate slice mirrors
by Tom Palmer
Gridded furniture and matching clothing
by Patrick Parrish Gallery at Design Miami 2014
Gold design in Arezzo
With bronze objects by Tjep.
Gym class inspired coat rack
by Valerie Windeck
Lucent mirror
by Studio WM
Marble table, as seen in Wallpaper magazine August 2014
by Lara Bohinc