Aug 5, 2013

Sustainable Materials

PantoneView Reports

Leading colour firm Pantone has joined forces with influencial trend forecasting magazine View and launched an online platform for colour intelligence. Craftscurator is proud to be part of the PantoneView team of trend experts, and is publishing a series of reports on sustainability.

PantoneView offers strategic information for all colour conscious industries. The section MaterialView delivers forecasts, reports and analysis on the latest developments in material innovation and application.

Craftscurator has just published a first report on the use of colour in sustainable material innovation. Each report contains inspiring visuals, in-depth analysis and colour cards with Pantone Textile colour codes, ready to be used.

By showing examples of sustainability in product design, Craftscurator is reporting on how ecological and social aspects are applied in new material development. The first series of reports focus on;

  • new sources of raw and sustainable materials
  • outstanding and innovative handmade techniques
  • use of natural surface treatments and effects
  • eclectic recycling of plastics

With loads of exclusive Craftscurator pictures of works of craftsmen, makers and designers, taken at trade shows and in workshops in Brasil, Vietnam and South Africa as well as at design events in Milan, Paris and Amsterdam.

New sources of raw and sustainable materials
Scrap leather vase by Pepe Heykoop
Eclectic recycling of plastics
Endless chair by Dirk van der Kooij
Outstanding and innovative handmade techniques
As seen in Brazil
Use of natural surface treatments and effects
by EDHV, seen at Dutch Invertuals
First report now online
Rawest Materials