Jun 2, 2013

BOLD, or the end of fashion as we know it

Lidewij Edelkoort's plan B for winter 2014/ 2015

'Congratulations', Lidewij Edelkoort said at the start of her trend seminar, 'you have made it to the 6th year of the global crisis' She said we cannot help but see the fashion industry failing to find solutions to re-invent itself. Perhaps this is the end of fashion as we know it. That is why Edelkoort suggests to launch plan B, where creativity and the extreme and absurd kick-start a new view on fashion.

Craftscurator handpicked 10 highlights from Lidewij's plan B, and shows the leading colours, materials and techniques, and how this information can be applied to develop interior products.

  • Bold; shapes blown out of proportion. Blurred borders and colours. Round and spheric. Cloud-like shapes. Padded and layered textiles. Neutral colours. Inventor Berndnaut Smilde creates indoor clouds.
  • Bare; nude and vulnerable. This is an ongoing trend. Tactile textiles. Sculptural. Skin tones, with a hint of orange. Pantyhose lamps by Kristine Five Melvaer.
  • Blush; flirtatious, burlesque. Fresh and bright powdery pinks, a source of inspiration for cosmetics. Pinks can be combined with brown and burgundy, the 2 other main trend colours this season. Wine carafe by Etienne Meneau.
  • Burgundy; the beauty of vineyards and life in the country. A new approach to the current Romantic trend in fashion and the interior. Rich and complex textiles. Tweeds, jacquards, but also denim. Painting by John William Waterhouse.
  • Brick; earthenware shades, in constructed and geometical form. For basics and casualwear. Dense, sturdy and textured textiles. Brick colour combines beautifully with white. Graphic art in bricks by Omar Sosa.
  • Bland; a non-existent style, anonymous fashion. An anti-trend that translates into a vintage style that is endlessly re-invented. Gray, bottle, brown are the main colours. Magnificent use of light and colour in Erwin Olaf's series Keyhole.
  • Bulbous; brute and bestial creatures. Voluminous outfits, gathered fabric fixed with ropes and belts. More art than fashion. What can easily be applied: brown is the new black! Bulbous brown silhouette in picture by Anthony Maule for Edelkoort.
  • Bundle; a continuation of the Nomadic trend. Gathered, bundled, stacked, layered. A source of inspiration for outdoor and hi tech products and materials. Dressed chairs by Rodrigo Almeida.
  • Bonkers; an anti-trend. Like a trash can turned upside down. Composed materials, experimental shapes and a colour palette that is an artistic mix. Lamp made of plastic trash by Magpie.
  • Blotched; artistic, bohemian, explorative painting, romantic, faded flowers, colours are blurred mixes. Blurred floral Ege Carpet by Muurbloem.
Ege Carpet by Muurbloem
Chair by Rodrigo Almeida
Transformed trash by Magpie
Wine carafe by Etienne Meneau
Photo by Erwin Olaf
Painting by John W Waterhouse
Photo by Anthony Maule
Art by Omar Sosa
Lamp by Kristine Five Melvaer
Cloud by Berndnaut Smilde

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