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LifeStyle Vietnam Trade Fair

May 02, 2012 by Irene Vermeulen

With a group of European buyers, we have visited LifeStyle Vietnam trade fair to explore products exporters have to offer. We were happy to see Vietnamese businesses cleverly combine handmade techniques and larger scale production. For importers, an interesting mix of products was available; ceramic tableware as well as rustic pottery. Delicate lacquerware vases as well as raw natural bamboo lamps. Colourful recycled paper ornaments as well as embroidered silk quilts.

Green Crafts
Sustainable products also could be found at LifeStyle Vietnam. We have been working together with local and international organizations running the Green Trade project. This programme is enabling green production and income opportunities for Vietnamese rural communities. A group of local and international designers have worked with craftsmen in all corners of the country to create sustainable product lines. A selection was presented in the 'Craft and Design' booth at LifeStyle Vietnam. Exporters that joined the programme exhibited collections in their booth, and received great feedback from buyers. To help exporters understand the needs of European buyers and consumers, Irene and Kees both gave presentations to Vietnamese export companies.

Craftscurator is connecting European importers and Vietnamese exporters. We are encouraging them to co-create products. The wealth of natural materials and handmade techniques is a great starting point for design and development. In the coming weeks, we are visiting importers to show them the Vietnamese product portfolio. We hope many new trade relationships and new product ranges will be created in the year to come!

Are you an importer, brand or retailer interested in Vietnamese products? Get in touch, or check out the Vietnam product overview here.

Green Trade Craft & Design I LifeStyle Vietnam Trade Fair I

LifeStyle Vietnam Trade Fair
in Ho Chi Minh City
Craftscurator is connecting
European importers and Vietnamese exporters
Trend Presentation for Vietnamese Exporters
given by Irene during the fair
Presentation on Buyer Needs in Europe
Given by Kees to Vietnamese exporters