popping up at Ambiente 2017

27 new product ranges from 10 countries will be showcased in the foyer of hall 11.0. The pop-up... More

date: Feb 02, 2017

Harsh Land, Softest Fibers

Mongolia is a land of extremes, as Craftscurator has recently experienced herself. It can be... More

date: Jan 01, 2017

Pop-up Exhibition at Heimtextil 2017

The best handmade home textiles from global makers were selected by Craftscurator. At Heimtextil... More

date: Dec 30, 2016

10 exporters making their European debut

Scandi-inspired upholstery fabrics with a good dose of African chic, spherical lamps made of... More

date: Aug 09, 2016

Showcasing the fairest products

18 producers from Nepal, Indonesia, Ghana and Tanzania are showcasing their best products in a... More

date: Feb 03, 2016

At Heimtextil, Maison & Objet and Ambiente

Highlighting a curated selection of the best craft and design products from global makers, this... More

date: Jan 04, 2016

August 2015 issue

Craftscurator's Sustainable Style Column focuses on Middle Eastern crafts. Elle Decoration NL... More

date: Aug 21, 2015

Pop-up exhibition of ranges from 28 exporters

'Linking Maker to Market' is a pop-up exhibition that showcases a curated selection of... More

date: Aug 20, 2015

Conference What Design Can Do

The 5th edition of What Design Can Do, the conference on the impact of design, was loaded with... More

date: Jun 02, 2015

In South Africa

Small and medium businesses, from small workshops to design studios to medium sized factories are... More

date: May 08, 2015

Craftscurator's Forecast for PantoneView

In the home textiles industry many new developments can be observed to make better, more... More

date: Mar 09, 2015

New Product Ranges at Ambiente

Visit our special Sustainable Design exhibit during Ambiente February 13-17, 2015 in the foyer of... More

date: Jan 12, 2015

for Elle Decoration NL

Sustainable design in 2014 is nothing like the bland, politically correct products of the past. On... More

date: Oct 07, 2014

At Maison & Objet, Paris September 5 - 9, 2014

See new product ranges from 9 Indonesian exporters. Select from our materials library, combine... More

date: Jul 15, 2014

Lidewij Edelkoort Trends Autumn/ Winter 15/16

From abstract, global influences to detailed information on fibers and colour tones: this is what... More

date: May 29, 2014

For hardware or textiles

Exact colour information for product development and communication with suppliers can be found in... More

date: May 04, 2014

Full of information on materials and techniques

Early signs of new product trends can be found in the new materials and techniques designers are... More

date: May 04, 2014

For PantoneView

Craftscurator is proud to have published her first forecasting post on handmade materials and... More

date: Mar 19, 2014

Sustainable Design from Vietnam

Thank you Ambiente visitors, for making our trade fair such a big success! We are looking back on a... More

date: Mar 12, 2014

At Dutch Design Week

Dutch designers are paying special attention to material innovation and production... More

date: Jan 06, 2014

Reflections on 2013

What an inspiring journey it has been! Exploring the topic of Sustainable Design was one of the... More

date: Dec 20, 2013

Financial Times article

Craftscurator was interviewed on the role of crafts in Dutch Design.Irene shared her insights on... More

date: Oct 30, 2013

in Paris and London

At Maison Objet Paris and London Design festival, Craftscurator has spotted the latest trends in... More

date: Oct 16, 2013

PantoneView Reports

Leading colour firm Pantone has joined forces with influencial trend forecasting magazine View and... More

date: Aug 05, 2013

Sustainable Design in the EU Market for Home Deco/ Textiles

The disaster in the garment factory in Bangladesh has shocked the world. Both buyers and suppliers... More

date: May 19, 2013

At Salone del Mobile

Back to basics; designers are looking for the core of a product. By experimenting with new and... More

date: Apr 22, 2013

Milan 2013 Updates

Craftscurator is proud to be a contributing writer for the world's leading blog on sustainable... More

date: Apr 22, 2013

Made in Morocco

Remember how Craftscurator 'killed her darlings' and cut up her precious textiles? The... More

date: Feb 22, 2013

In Retrospect

Every year, Craftscurator looks back on trend presentations made. This 71 page PDF shows... More

date: Nov 06, 2012

Carpet of Life

A story on how Craftscurator ended up destroying her creations and shipping them off to... More

date: Sep 27, 2012

Lidewij Edelkoort on trends for winter 2013/ 2014

Dark, rich and intense; at first glance the presentation for winter 2013/2014 looks nothing like... More

date: Jun 04, 2012

'Between Handicraft and Digicraft'

No glitzy products by superstar designers this year in Milan, but samples and prototypes giving us... More

date: May 13, 2012

From South Africa

Using Africa's rich source of natural materials and techniques, a new generation of designers... More

date: Mar 22, 2012

From South Africa

Quirky, colourful and creative; the crafts at the Design Indaba expo often are very expressive.... More

date: Mar 22, 2012

LifeStyle Trade Fair Apr 18-21

Come and see inventive crafts, sustainable products and new designs Vietnamese exporters have to... More

date: Mar 19, 2012

For Exporters

Early December, a design workshop for Indonesian crafts businesses took place in Bali. On behalf of... More

date: Jan 11, 2012

Trends for spring/summer 2013

'Bliss, spiritual moments in everyday life' is the title of Lidewij Edelkoort's... More

date: Dec 15, 2011

Craftscurator is online!

I am so happy Craftscurator is now online, and I will be able to share my love for global crafts... More

date: Oct 25, 2011

8 tips and tricks for importers

As an importer, you always keep an eye out for new and exciting products and promising suppliers.... More

date: Sep 30, 2011

Handmade in Milan

Do not touch, is a warning heard on many trade shows. None of that at the Salone del Mobile 2011 in... More

date: Aug 01, 2011

6 exporters at Ambiente 2017

Whether it is metal wire, crispy paper, springbok hide, an old rice bag or a porcupine quill, South... More

date: Feb 01, 2017

Mungo at M&O

South African textile company Mungo will show their woven home textiles at trade fair Maison Objet... More

date: Jan 01, 2017

Trade Fairs and Design Events

An overview of a season full of handmade design inspiration for 2017 and beyond. Trade fairs and... More

date: Dec 30, 2016

6 South African exporters at Ambiente

Springbok hide bags, feathered lamps, hand beaded clutches, metal wire furniture, paper laptop... More

date: Feb 03, 2016

Mungo at M&O Paris

South African textile company Mungo will show their newest product ranges at trade fair Maison ... More

date: Jan 06, 2016

Trade Fairs & Events

An overview of a season full of handmade design inspiration for 2016 and beyond. Trade fairs and... More

date: Dec 12, 2015

A great success

The curated exhibition SPHERE at 100% Design South Africa, showcasing products from 15 different... More

date: Aug 21, 2015

At trade show 100% Design and SARCDA Johannesburg

At 2 trade fairs in Johannesburg in August 2015, ´Development by Design´, a joint project by CBI,... More

date: Jul 27, 2015

for PantoneView

Craftscurator shows 5 scarcity-related design strategies: Repair, Reuse, Self-Production, Preserve... More

date: May 10, 2015

From experiment to tangible design

The last few years, new material development and visualizing craft and production processes were at... More

date: May 07, 2015

Craftscurator is now Columnist!

Elle Decoration, the Dutch edition, now has a 6 page section on handmade and sustainable design,... More

date: Feb 09, 2015

Vanities – From Abstinence to Opulence

A year ago Dutch dictonary publisher Van Dale chose the word 'selfie' as word of the... More

date: Dec 14, 2014

Successful Indonesian Presentation in Paris

Together with the 9 Indonesian participants, Irene Vermeulen and Kees Bronk are looking back on a... More

date: Sep 30, 2014

Focus on Sustainability

Craftscurator is happy to announce her contribution to Heimtextil's new website and Trend Show... More

date: Jul 14, 2014

For HandEye Magazine

Irene made visits to designer and maker workshops in the Cape Town region, and made photo reports... More

date: May 27, 2014

In-depth product information

The Craftscurator Product Trend Guide will be published in 2014. For more information, ... More

date: May 04, 2014

Sustainable and Handmade Design

Big and bold statements could not be found at this year's Salone del Mobile. That actually is... More

date: Apr 21, 2014

Design Indaba Expo 2014, Cape Town

Design Indaba is Africa's annual celebration of creativity. At the 3 day conference... More

date: Mar 17, 2014

Launch at Ambiente 2014

9 export companies from Vietnam show they have successfully matched 'green' market... More

date: Jan 22, 2014

Smaakmaker 2014

Volkskrant newspaper asked Craftscurator to pose with her favorite product for its Smaakmaker... More

date: Jan 06, 2014

Lidewij Edelkoort's trend presentation 'Gathering'

An optimistic story for a new season, is what Lidewij Edelkoort told during her trend presentation... More

date: Dec 10, 2013

Colour Cahier 2014

A cahier with 3 colour cards for 2014 is now available for only € 39. For businesses in home... More

date: Oct 23, 2013

Home Sweet Home Exhibition

Craftscurator traveled to Stockholm this summer, expecting to find lots of minimal Scandinavian... More

date: Sep 23, 2013

Lidewij Edelkoort's plan B for winter 2014/ 2015

'Congratulations', Lidewij Edelkoort said at the start of her trend seminar, 'you... More

date: Jun 02, 2013

At Salone Milan

Craftscurator is happy to see a comeback of the refined, the decorated in design. The fascination... More

date: Apr 22, 2013

At Milan Design Week

Designers are taking recycling to a next level. Good to see they are exploring new ways to merge... More

date: Apr 22, 2013

7 clichés about crafts unraveled

'Handmade is hip and happening' the magazine covers are screaming. Being a admirer of... More

date: Mar 19, 2013

Lidewij Edelkoort’s Trends for Summer 2014

'Have nothing in your house that is not beautiful or useful'. With this quote by Oscar... More

date: Dec 15, 2012

Book Review

In her latest book, Adélia Borges explores what happens when craftsmen and designers collaborate.... More

date: Oct 10, 2012

at Maison & Objet September 2012

Crafts from Peru are as diverse as the landscapes of this country; lush textiles in vibrant... More

date: Jul 30, 2012

5 do's for you

'Design can bring unconventional solutions to complex problems' said Amsterdam mayor... More

date: May 30, 2012

LifeStyle Vietnam Trade Fair

With a group of European buyers, we have visited LifeStyle Vietnam trade fair to explore products... More

date: May 02, 2012

From South Africa

Designers from South Africa prove handmade can be inventive and contemporary, by creating clever... More

date: Mar 22, 2012

Design Indaba Conference

South Africa just gets it; they have a vibrant craft and design culture, and understand the power... More

date: Mar 22, 2012

Indonesian Techniques

Exploring workshops and showrooms, meeting craftsmen and entrepreneurs, Craftscurator just loves... More

date: Jan 11, 2012

Trendupdate January 2012

Wildbreien, or guerilla knitting, is the latest addition to the Dutch dictionary. No wonder, there... More

date: Jan 11, 2012

Product trends 10-11

As 2011 is nearly over, we are looking back on product trends for 2010 and 2011. We made this... More

date: Nov 10, 2011

Trendupdate October 2011

Global challenges are driving social, green and fair product innovation. We can say that... More

date: Oct 11, 2011

Trendupdate September 2011

In the European market, vintage finds, one-offs and handmade products are being sold very well,... More

date: Sep 23, 2011