At trade show 100% Design and SARCDA Johannesburg

At 2 trade fairs in Johannesburg in August 2015, ´Development by Design´, a joint project by CBI, CCDI and SEDA, is presenting the exhibition SPHERE and SIGNATURES showcasing 23 South African craft and design companies. The ´Development by... More

From experiment to tangible design

The last few years, new material development and visualizing craft and production processes were at the core of most of the designer's presentations in Milan. This year, we could see the tangible results of this experimental phase.... More

for PantoneView

Craftscurator shows 5 scarcity-related design strategies: Repair, Reuse, Self-Production, Preserve and Make ... More

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Focus on Sustainability

Craftscurator is happy to announce her contribution to Heimtextil's new website and Trend Show for 2015/... More

Full of information on materials and techniques

Early signs of new product trends can be found in the new materials and techniques designers are developing. This Maker Trend Guide summarizes the most important developments. For businesses in the interior industry this guide offers information and... More

Trade Fairs & Events

An overview of a season full of handmade design inspiration for fall/ winter 2015. Trade fairs and design events... More

In South Africa

Small and medium businesses, from small workshops to design studios to medium sized factories are making their way... More

Conference What Design Can Do

The 5th edition of What Design Can Do, the conference on the impact of design, was loaded with interesting speakers. This year, the main question was 'What am I doing?' Speakers shared stories on their personal development, journalist... More

Craftscurator is now Columnist!

Elle Decoration, the Dutch edition, now has a 6 page section on handmade and sustainable design, curated by Irene. In the first issue of 2015, that is now available at news agents, Craftscurator has highlighted the results of the 'Sustainable... More

Craftscurator's Forecast for PantoneView

In the home textiles industry many new developments can be observed to make better, more sustainable products. Research is being done to create new cellulose yarn from mais, milk or renewable bamboo fibers; microalgae pigments are being used as... More

Financial Times article

Craftscurator was interviewed on the role of crafts in Dutch Design.Irene shared her insights on how designers are... More

Smaakmaker 2014

Volkskrant newspaper asked Craftscurator to pose with her favorite product for its Smaakmaker... More