Maker Trend Guide 2015 and beyond

Full of information on materials and techniques

May 04, 2014 by Irene Vermeulen

Early signs of new product trends can be found in the new materials and techniques designers are developing. This Maker Trend Guide summarizes the most important developments. For businesses in the interior industry this guide offers information and insights for product ranges for 2015 and beyond.

'Maker Stories' is what Craftscurator calls these developments, and 20 of such stories are told and visualized. From developing materials using bacteria to rethinking basket weaving techniques to 3D printing including imperfections; it can all be found in the guide. Maker Stories are categorized by Style Group, Craftscurator's own identification of consumer preferences, called Inventive, Sensitive and Expressive. For each style group, a page with material, techniques, pattern, as well as a color mood is included.

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For creative teams, buyers and marketeers, this Maker Trend Guide for 2015 and beyond offers hands-on information on early developments. With this guide in hand, a plan for new product development is easily made. Your benefits;

  •  tailor-made for businesses in home decoration or home textiles
  •  hands-on information on developments in material and techniques
  •  more than 200 links to interesting sources, more than 300 images
  •  3 different colour moods, with guide lines

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Develop new products using this source of inspiration and information. 20 influential maker stories are visualized, as well as 12 pages with information on colour, pattern, techniques and material.

Craftscurator Maker Trend Guide 2015 and beyond

41 pages in PDF, your download to save and print

€ 249,-

To get more detailed color information, including Pantone coded colour cards, 2 more publications are available for only € 49;

To find out what exact interior products (in 9 different product groups) will be on trend in 2015, a 44 page guide full of images is available for € 249;

Feel free to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for questions or remarks. If you prefer to hear the trends first-hand, please remember Irene is also available to give in-company presentations, or guide a workshop with your team to make a product development plan for your business!

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Inventive style group
Pendulum pattern maker by David Derksen
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Early signs of new developments
Expressive style group
Re-purposed plastics by Dirk van der Kooij
Accurate Pantone colour codes
Colour Cahier Hardware
Also available
Colour Cahier Textiles
Sensitive style group
Craftica, exploration of alternative materials by Formafantasma
Expressive style group
Spray paint extravaganza as seen in Frame Magazine Oct 2013