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popping up at Ambiente 2017

Feb 02, 2017 by Irene Vermeulen

27 new product ranges from 10 countries will be showcased in the foyer of hall 11.0. The pop-up exhibition 'Linking Maker & Market' includes bamboo veneer lamps, cashmere textiles, hand pressed glass, vetiver root baskets, recycled sari fabric stools, and lamps made of zippers.

Craftscurator has selected the best of design and craft from global makers in Madagascar, Nepal, Tanzania, Indonesia, South Africa, Bangladesh, Ghana, Mongolia, Egypt and Uganda. These exporters are all participating in the Export Coaching Programme by CBI.

Come and find us at Ambiente Frankfurt in the foyer of hall 11.0, February 10-14, 2017

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Beads made of recycled newspaper used for lamps
by Kwetu from Uganda
Wooden side table
by Meyer von Wielligh from South Africa
Handmade swirl glass
by Yadawee from Egypt
Vetiver root basketry
by Tatiana Creation from Madagascar
Stools with recycled sari fabric
by Prokritee from Bangladesh
Hand pressed glass in vibrant colours
by Glass Style Walid Onsy from Egypt
Bamboo veneer lamps
by Minima from South Africa
Handwoven bamboo basket
by Tashinda from Indonesia